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Five fun-reads for middle-schoolers

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As your little ball of happiness starts shifting their interests in things and activities, you should take the cue and make your peace with the fact that your little ball of happiness is not so little anymore, that they are growing up and things need to change for the better. The same goes for the books they read and the kind of goal they seek from these books. What more can you do as a parent rather than letting them take their lead when it comes to choosing their book? Of course, their personal choice will have the last say at the end of the day, but you can still recommend them your list of good books! So here’s what we have in store to cut down the arduous task of researching suitable books for your kids aged 9-12:


1. Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White


This story of a girl, a pig, and a spider will take your child on a fun and enlightening journey of friendship, kindness, and love. The themes highlighted in this book are so relevant to our everyday life that this can easily pass off as a favorite family read. Not only the kids will love this book but even the parents won’t be able to hold their guard against its simplistic charm.  


2. Diary of A Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney


The innocent arrogance of the book’s hero will leave your child chortling and asking for more. This journal-turned book of a middle school student has all things fun to set your child off for a quick reading mania. The sentences are simple, the meaning is clear, and the emotions are valid when seen from a child’s perspective. This book deserves a big GO!


3. Love That Dog by Sharon Creech


Search this book up on the internet & you will find nothing but good words about it. This sweet little story written in the form of a poem will make your child both sad and happy at the same time. They will surely understand where Jack is coming from. With all these emotions and confusions that always accompany the process of growing up, they might even start writing poetry of their own as Jack does in the book. Who knows? You are yet to try it out and see it for yourself! 



4. Brown Girl Dreaming by Jacqueline Woodson


Recommended by former US president Barack Obama. Jacqueline Woodson’s powerful memoir is a must-read for every young reader. Let your child delve into some serious dose of world history as the writer traces her life journey from childhood to adulthood as an African-American girl during the Civil Wars. We bet this book will leave a remarkable impression on your child’s mind.   


5. The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling


The adventure of Mowgli set in an Indian jungle has been so popular that it has almost gained an international reputation on its own. Veiled within the fun and thrilling adventures of the jungle, Kipling provides his reader with a central lesson on the workings of the laws of nature. This book is a classic; anyone can read and interpret it without compromising their fun from reading. 


We grow as we learn new things, and the easiest form of learning comes from reading books and interpreting their unique meanings. Ignite your child’s interest in books by letting them have more and more, every day. 


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