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What is so interesting about our kids other than the fact that they can be cute and naughty at the same time is that they can easily fall in love with almost everything - even reading too! Of course, illustrated books are their top favorites on the list and nothing can beat the appeal of a colorfully painted magic of a good book. And we are not complaining because why would we?


Children’s books are not only entertaining to read, but they are also a good start for a child’s English learning journey. The pictures are attractive, the words are easy, and the meaning is simple with a good lesson at the end. What more could we ask for, right? So here we have compiled this list of 5 best easy reader books for children of age group 5-8 years that will permanently make your child fall in love with books.


Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown 


The simplicity of the words and the sing-a-song tone of the sentences deservedly places this book at the first in our list. The book itself doesn’t have that much of a story, but the simple vocabulary, repetitions of words, and the colorful illustrations of all the different things in the room will have your kid asking for more.


Go, Dog. Go! By P.D. Eastman


This is not just a book but a whole gateway to another world of fantasy, fun, colors, and of course, party. As the title makes it evident, all sorts of dogs - blue, green dogs, running, working, playing dogs, gather on to have a dog party at the end! How amazing is that? Not only does this book stimulates a child’s imagination but it introduces them to new and simple words with propositions and verbs too, so this book is all about giving it a go!


Go to bed, Blue by Michael Robertson


How many times do you have to ask your child to go to bed before they do it? Many times, of course. So here’s another story of a child-like robot who equally suffers through a hard time going to bed like any other child. Who knows, maybe this richly illustrated, 32 paged fun book might turn out to be your child’s next favorite bedtime story?


Soccer Time by Terry Pierce 


Make your child score a double goal with both soccer and reading. Yes, this book can and will do that for your child. Budding readers will learn to enthusiastically read words with confidence as the author takes them in for rigorous soccer training. The simple and easy words coupled with the rhythmic rhymes will score your child a quick and easy reading goal.


Llama Llama Loves to Read by Anna Dewdney and Reed Duncan


This book will sweep your child and your child is in for a fun Roller Coaster ride with Llama Llama as she goes about reading, writing, counting, and learning new words with her teachers and friends. Trust us, this book will become your child’s best reading companion and Llama Llama their inspiration.    







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