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Phonics Program

A comprehensive phonics class for children to enhance their linguistic potential
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6567 Enrollments
Skills developed
Linguistic (word smart)
Ages : 4 - 5 Years
No. of session : 96
By : Bambinos Academy
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96 sessions


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Each Session 45 Minutes

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About the course

Phonics is a method for teaching the reading and writing of an alphabetic language through sounds and pronunciation. Phonics plays an imperative role in shaping and forming the structural foundation of language in children. Through this program, children will learn the sounds and pronunciation of the English alphabet, which will enable them to form simple words. The program will help children grasp the sounds associated with each letter of the alphabet through Rhymes and Stories. Children will learn how to steer their way through the English alphabet and strengthen their linguistic abilities through fun and interactive activities. 

Your child will learn

It is important for children to learn letter-sound relationships because English uses letters in alphabets to represent sounds. Our unique phonics program, curated by international language experts with decades of experience in early school educations, teaches children this information in a fun-filled and engaging manner.

  • There are 42 letter sounds which are the phonic building block that helps children decode the English language and become independent readers. children will learn the following skills to become master readers:

  • Learning the letter sounds

Children are taught 42 letter sounds using a multisensory approach. Each letter sounds is introduced with fun actions, stories, and songs. Children can start reading after the first group of letters has been taught.

  • Learning letter formations

This is taught alongside the introduction of each letter sound. Children will learn how to form and write letters during the course of the lesson.

  • Blending

Once the initial letter sounds are learned, children will blend the sounds together to help them read and write new words.

  • Segmenting

With the help of segmenting and blending, children become familiar with assembling and breaking down the sounds within the words.

  • These 4 skills are the foundation for developing “independent readers”

There will be regular assessments after every 7th session during the program to gauge the level of each child. The assessment report will be shared with parents on regular basis.

Programs Break-ups:

  • Building Novice Readers – 8 Sessions
  • 7 sounds out of 42 basic sounds
  • 7 songs/stories
  • 1 session for revision and assessment
  • Beginner Reader – 24 sessions (Including novice reader sessions)
  • 21 out of 42 basic sounds
  • 21 songs/ stories
  • 3 sessions for revisions and assessment
  • Skill full Reader - 48 sessions
  • 42 out of 42 sounds
  • 41 songs/ stories
  • 6 sessions for revisions and assessment
  • The last 6 sessions will cover blending, segmentation, words formations, and basic comprehension
Your child will demonstrate
  • Child will be able to speak the correct sound of each letter
  • Able to recognize, write each letter
  • Read and write three, four-letter new words
How to prepare
  • Parents to be present for kids' assistance.
  • This class experience is best using a laptop or desktop connected to Wifi.