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How to deal with your kids during COVID-19?

How to deal with your kids during COVID-19?

Kids are the pure soul of god and answering their questions about anything related to any topic sometimes can lead to many misunderstandings. As we all know nowadays corona pandemic has led to lockdown in almost all the countries. So this lockdown brings many questions in children mind: why everyone is at home? Why soo much precautions are taken? And many more. So below are some of the things which can keep your children busy during this pandemic:

1) Personality Development Courses:  personality development helps the child to be smart and it also helps the kid to create its style and not to copy anyone. Personality development also helps your kid to improve its communication skills. In all these types of courses keeps your child busy and also it does not lead to any other questions. 

2)  Know your creativity- In a lockdown, encourage your child to know his field of interest whether it be art and craft, storytelling, music, dance etc. And also either help them or enrol them in their favourite field so that they can know everything related to it. Art and Craft is something which childlike very much all the thoughts are printed on a piece of paper which is good also it helps to build a hobby.

3 )  Live online classes- Schools have started up with live online classes build up a good setup for your students for their online class so that they get interested in it and it does not lead to any confusion regarding any topic. Online classes nowadays are been followed by every school so that students can get back to studies so online classes for kids leads to better understanding. 

4 )  Encourage your kids to read storybooks- Storybooks are something that helps your child to improve their vocabulary. It is very important for the kids to know their favourite storybook genres. Aside from reading it is also important for the kids to narrate the stories in front of everyone. So for the kids of age group 3-7 years aside from live online homeschooling classes, it is also important to enrol them in storytelling classes so that they have the confidence in the near future for any kind of competition whether it be debate or poem recitation or storytelling competition.

Leaving these all things with which you can keep your students busy it is also important for their development that they should grow both physically and mentally for that your kids should play outdoor games also to keep them fit physically and mentally. But due to this pandemic, some of the protective measures should be taken so that they can be saved from this coronavirus. Some of the protective measures are: 

1 ) Using Mask in daily life: Even if your child is playing in the garden of the house it is important to use a mask as coronavirus is an airborne disease which means it can also spread through air soo wearing a mask is equally important. 

2) Using hand sanitizer or washing your hand after every interval: It is important to wash your hands after every interval soo that there is a very low risk of any virus entering your house and also sanitizing will help your child to be saved from germs.

3) Taking proper measures: If someone in any emergency condition has to go out them proper measures should be taken by him so that he and his or her family members don't get affected with this coronavirus.

4) Eating HealthyIn this pandemic, it is very important to keep your immune system strong so that even if you get affected by this virus you can recover easily for that eating healthy is really important. 

These are some of the ways and things you should keep in mind while telling your kids about COVID'19. Also, there are many other courses in which you can enrol your kids for other fun activities which keeps them busy and in the same way active during this lockdown.


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