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Bambinos launches its online classes to complement school learning

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Modern age parents wish to create custom learning experiences for their children. Owing to the current scenario, most parents are in the lookout for innovative ways of learning for their children. With traditional schools being shut for a few months, they are imbibing new mediums like online classes and live sessions.

To support this and to add further value to education, Bambinos has now launched its online classes to cater to these new needs of modern parents. Complementing a traditional curriculum has its own importance and helps in the overall development of the child. Bambinos, as the name suggests, focuses on providing a comprehensive platform for all the facilities needed for children. Right from daycare to sports, and from academic to non-academic, the aim is to provide high-quality learning across various subjects in a flexible manner.

We are happy to announce the launch of our online classes. With the vision of revolutionizing the education space, we aim to become the best learning platform for kids. These classes would work very well for all- teachers, students and parents. Parents would enjoy the range of class and time options and will be able to track their kids learning personally. Teachers around the country would be able to follow their passion and deliver unlimited classes of their favourite subjects. Students would be able to have live interaction and learn their lessons at the comfort of their home.

Our classes range from academics including coding, mathematics, science, stem, chemistry, etc to non-academic including dance, drawing, sketching, creative writing, storytelling, etc to soft skills like communications, reading, personality development and many other. Moreover, we are always trying to build on new classes suiting the needs of our students.

Teachers create awesome classes for their learners. They are involved in everything that involves teaching, right from designing the course curriculum to the techniques of teaching. Our teachers are personally involved in designing the class structure and how everything works. They cater to each child individually and provide a custom learning experience for each child suiting their needs.

Learners and students, on the other hand, get a chance to browse through various classes with their parents, discover their interests and select their classes. They then participate in live video classes with their teachers, interact with them in real-time, and improve their learning.

 The Bambinos marketplace is dynamic and focuses on a community-centred approach. With an active parent-teacher interaction, we provide all the classes within your neighbourhood. With constant feedback, recommendations, reviews, and ratings, both parents and teachers help to improve our services and offerings.

If you haven’t yet tried our classes online, you can do it now. As a welcome offer, all classes for one week are free. Get started with your live classes here and make the most of your time.






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