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Teaching is an art and learning is a journey, and we are here to promote the art and flourish the journey.

 We offer a platform for individuals, trainers, teachers and academies to host, organize, promote, and deliver online and offline classes in a more organized and convenient way without caring about the other hassles related to payment, marketing and feedback mechanisms.

These facilities include marketing their lessons and courses on a nationwide platform and increasing their reach, Customised online listings for your classes, Timely and secure online payments, Integrated video chat platforms, messaging, Screen & file sharing, Regular feedbacks generation for each student according to their performance.

Teachers are given the liberty to create their own classes on the topics they are passionate about in their suitable teaching hours. Our platform facilitates the teachers to handle their profile and respond to the queries and provide all the necessary support required by their students.

Through Bambinos parents can now find the best affordable courses for their children and always keep a check on their performance. Childhood is the time when children need the best care and support from their parents and the liberty to explore all possible fields where they find their interests, so its the responsibility of every parent to take care of the needs of their child and provide the best for their development.

Bambinos has made searching the best courses and the tutors across the country a very simple task just some mouse clicks away. We provide the list of all the academic and non-academic courses available on our easily navigable website and mobile application, parents or the students themselves just need to enter their age and field of interest and they will be provided with the list of available courses along with the teachers and their reviews. You can just select the tutors based on their reviews and feedbacks and enrol your child with the very next click.

From the day a child is born parents want to give the best to their child and hence they are always tensed about their ways and measures and always wish to have someone to guide them and support them, giving them the confidence that they are doing it right. Bambinos is there to help you as well; we are also providing childcare tips and training for the parents from expert child specialists.

A child learns by exploring, finding new interests and dwelling into those fields where they feel the drive, so it is very important to foster all the curiosities of the children and provide them with the opportunity to learn new skills and get better every day. Bambinos is providing a wide range of skillsets for the future of our country to learn new things and grow up to be successful individuals in the particular fields of their interests. Bambinos provide a wide range of opportunities for the students to select classes which they are interested in taking trial sessions, exploring various fields and finding their real interests. We are also providing the option for private chatroom with the trainers where the students can discuss their problems and get all the support that is required for their growth and development.

Bambinos is trying to reinvent the education system in a way that is enjoyable and valuable to every person present in this eco-system. Human resource is the most valuable asset of our country and we are trying to build an army of highly efficient individuals who will grow up and take the future of our country to a great height.





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