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Teachers - The Backbone of Our Society

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Teachers make a world of difference in our journey through life. There are endless lessons to learn in our lifetime, and a teacher acts as a pillar of strength and guidance in helping us attain all the essential knowledge we need right from a very young age. Beginning at play-school to the time we graduate college, we come across many such great and influential minds who have etched a mark on our hearts and have made us into the person we are today. We carry along with us all the lessons that were thought and are drawn back to these beautiful souls overtime to reminisce about their wholesome presence in our lives. If you go back down memory lane, I'm sure you will be taken back to that one teacher who was so very impactful to your being and guided you towards a path of strength and wisdom. Teachers devote their lives to help students which is an honourable act by itself; they truly are a blessing as they embody selflessness, kindness and compassion to illuminate knowledge for the betterment of their pupils.

Teachers are highly influential and significant to our society as a whole. The saying that goes "The children of today are the leaders of tomorrow" is embedded in every teacher's mind. They handle children with utmost care and help children grow into the best version of themselves. Children are highly susceptible to their surroundings in their formative years. They learn essential values and lessons, at this phase of their lives, which they will carry along and cultivate to embellish their own ideas and beliefs. In their impressionable years, teachers become a pivotal part of their learning process. Teachers shape and form their ideas to help them become a better individual in society. These values and thoughts help children to navigate their way through life and helps them cultivate ideas and solutions to make the world a better place. Thereby teachers step into the role of planting good seeds in young minds to help them grow and bloom into fierce and dynamic individuals. 

Throughout our academic journey, we encounter teachers from all walks of life and subjects. Each teacher we come across, irrespective of their subject of expertise, have valuable lessons to teach us. Teachers have taken upon themselves to help children recognize their true potential and believe in them, long before children even believe in themselves. They see children as a clean slate with boundless energy and possibilities, thereby instilling in them a drive to reach for the stars and to never give up. Teachers see through each child and discern their strengths and weaknesses, leading them to look deep within themselves to find their true passion and purpose in life. They hold children accountable for both their achievements and failures and make sure to lift them in dire times. Teachers provide a healthy support system for children which in turn creates a space for children to express themselves authentically without any fear. They help children form ideas and thoughts about society and life in a way that the child is not traditionally exposed to. They encourage children to explore the world without any barriers and to never hold themselves back for any reason. They guide them towards a path of strength and perseverance to help them attain all their dreams and goals.

The power that lies in the guidance of a great teacher is truly unmatched. Children can reach immeasurable heights and achieve all their dreams with all the support they receive by their teachers. An excellent example of this would be the recent video released by Sundhar Pichai, the CEO of Google, reuniting with his teacher after 26 long years. The video speaks for itself as it showcases the beautiful bond created between a teacher and her student; and how impactful a teacher can be in our lives that we will come back to be in their presence no matter how far we go in life. Teachers are an exceptional asset to our society, and we need to value their hard work and dedication by celebrating them on this special day as well as on every other day. We need to extend our support by engaging with teachers and help them in all their ventures. Their influence on our society is tremendous, and it is our duty, as a community, to give back to them by recognizing their unconditional dedication and by paying our respects eternally.

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