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Impact Of Covid-19 on children and their learning experience

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Young children are the hardest hit by the condition of the world. In their age of growing and developing new skills, they have to stay at homes and that can be a great hindrance to their growth and development, hence it is the duty of the parents to take good care of them and provide them a suitable learning environment at homes and provide all the opportunities to grow and get better every day.

The Covid-19 has forced everyone to cope with major changes in everyday life. The associated physical distancing and home confinement are difficult for us all to manage - research shows that even children as young as two are aware of changes around them. Understandably, it is a balancing act for many working from home with family and trying to create a structure and some sense of normality. It is also very important for parents and caregivers to take care of their own mental health and wellbeing. Children take their cues from parents and seeing them respond to a situation calmly and confidently can provide great comfort.

Although Learning Academies are shut and it’s not possible to go out and learn new skills, but that doesn’t mean students should be deprived of learning new things and exploring new fields and activities. Parents should enrol their children in online classes provided by verified institutions and certified professionals.

Through Bambinos parents can now find the best affordable courses for their children and always keep a check on their performance. Bambinos has made searching the best courses and the tutors across the country a very simple task just some mouse clicks away. We provide the list of all the academic and non-academic courses available on our easily navigable website and mobile application, parents or the students themselves just need to enter their age and field of interest and they will be provided with the list of available courses along with the teachers and their reviews. You can just select the tutors based on their reviews and feedbacks and enrol your child with the very next click.

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