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Multiple Intelligences - Explore and Discover the Learning Style of Your Child

Multiple Intelligences - Explore and Discover the Learning Style of Your Child

Educators and psychologists have debated the nature of intelligence for nearly a century. Intelligence in the broader term has always been perceived as a single unit, often measured by an IQ test, implying that every single individual is subjected to a specific score on the spectrum of the IQ test and that would be the summation of the intelligence they possess. Contrary to this popular theory, psychologists have accumulated tremendous findings about the nature of intelligence which paves the way to a whole new world. 

Multiple intelligence is a theory that states that every single individual possesses a set of intelligences varying at different levels that is influenced by their environment and is unique to their being. This theory further proves the phenomenal aspect of Human Beings. That's the beauty of our species; we are intricately wired in such a unique way that every person possesses their own set of strengths and weaknesses which they can channel immaculately to succeed in life.

Have you ever thought about how your neighbour, who is an engineer by profession, has impeccable artistic skills? Or a relative who is a doctor by profession, has a melodious voice and can sing like an angel? I can assure you that you will be acquainted with a number of people in your close circle of friends and family who are gifted with talents and strengths that go beyond the career path they’ve chosen for their livelihood. This is where multiple intelligence takes the spotlight. It is very crucial for parents to be aware of the existence of multiple intelligences as it allows them to lead their child in a path of exploration and discovery rather than a constricted one. Children in their formative years are highly influenced by the multiple intelligences they possess. This can be recognized through observation of their learning styles; for example, some children are visual learners, some are more drawn towards verbal or logical methods of learning and some who grasp information through social interaction (in popular terms known as being ‘Street Smart’). By focusing on the multiple intelligences of a child, we as educators and parents will be taking a constructive approach to leading a child in the path that they will flourish in, instead of leading them into a populist stream where they might not find a platform to embrace themselves and will be left behind with great confusion and self-doubt. It is our responsibility to understand and study children which will posit us in a place from where we can make informed decisions for our children instead of succumbing to a herd mentality. 

The following are the Eight Multiple Intelligences along with a short description of each respectively:


This intelligence is awakened by the spoken word, by reading someone’s ideas or poetry and by writing one’s own ideas, thoughts, or poetry. 


This intelligence is activated in situations requiring problem-solving or meeting challenges.


This intelligence deals with the visual arts (painting, drawing and sculpting), navigation, map-making and architecture (visualizing and designing with space), and chess (visualizing objects from different perspectives and angles). 


This intelligence is the ability to use the body to express emotions and ideas (dancing and using body language), to play a game (playing sports), or to create a new product (devising inventions).


This intelligence includes the ability to recognize and use rhythmic and tonal patterns, sounds from the environment, the human voice, and musical instruments.


This intelligence involves the ability to work in cooperative groups as well as the ability to communicate, verbally and non-verbally with other people.


This intelligence involves understanding the internal aspects of the self, including feelings and emotional responses, thinking processes, and spiritual intuitions.


This intelligence is related to our recognition and knowledge of the flora and fauna that we see in the natural world around us.

This component of child development is often not spoken about; hence it needs to be amplified so that parents from all across the world can be well informed and well versed in the decision making aspect of raising a child. Parents can pay close attention to what their child is drawn towards or how their child prefers to learn in order to recognize their learning styles and multiple intelligences. This way, parents will be able to choose the right set of courses or programs that will enrich the child’s development holistically. 

We at Bambinos structure our courses around the eight multiple intelligences mentioned above, to accommodate and enrich children through their unique strengths and abilities. Our forefront mission is to integrate a holistic approach to teaching and provide children with a richer learning experience. We heartily encourage parents to delve into the topic discussed in this blog post, to create a soulful and purposeful environment around child development.

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