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Exploring 20 Animals That Start With The Letter U

Exploring 20 Animals That Start With The Letter U

There are a multitude of wild animals around us. Although the animals starting with “u” may seem negligible, believe it or not, there exist many animals that start with “u”, even without our knowledge. Today we will not only learn about their names but also some fun and interesting facts about them.


The Uakari is a unique primate known for its bald head and vivid red face. This vivid facial colouration is not just for show; it plays a crucial role in social signalling and health assessment. Its red face indicates the quality of blood flow and oxygen supply in the skin. So having a red face is a sign of good health for them. On the other hand, a paler face can indicate illness or stress.


The Uguisu, also known as the Japanese Bush Warbler, is famous for its melodious and beautiful songs. In Japanese culture, it is called the “Harbinger of Spring”. They use songs to wage wars, claim territories, convey danger and indicate the presence of food. Each song is slightly distinct from the other. 


The Uinta Chipmunk is found in the Uinta Mountains of Utah, United States. They can collect a maximum of 100 acorns per day in their pouches, which is used to carry goods to store them in their burrows.


The Ugandan Kob is found in Uganda. The males are generally bigger than the female counterparts. They communicate using their voice, body language, and scent markings. They produce alarm calls to alert the herd of potential dangers.


The Ulysses Butterfly is also known as the Mountain Blue Butterfly. It is colorful and has bright blue wings. The upper side of the wings is bright electric blue while the bottom side is brown. This colour variation helps them to camouflage when they are resting and helps them to stay away from predators.  


The umbrellabird has a large, umbrella-shaped crest of feathers on top of its head, which can be expanded or contracted. They love to eat large insects, spiders, and fruits.


The Unau is a sloth bear, having two toes on their front limbs and three toes on their hind limbs. They have an extremely slow metabolism rate due to which they move very slowly and spend most of their time resting.


The Unicorn Fish is a sea animal, which has distinctive horn-like projections on its forehead and spines near its tails, which protects them from predators. It is active during the daytime and feeds on algae.


The Upside-down fish can swim upside down. This helps them to feed more efficiently inside the ocean. They have a dark patch on the lower part of the body, a common adaptation called countershading that offsets the effects of sunlight.


The Urial is the ancestor of today's domestic sheep. They recognise each other based on their scent. They have great memories and can cure themselves when they are ill, by eating plants. They can show emotions, indicated by the position of their ears.

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Uromastyx is the spiny-tailed lizards or dab lizards. They have thick, spiny tails, to protect themselves from predators. They spend a long time in the sunlight to help them regulate their body temperature and aid in digestion.


Ucayali spiny mouse is a night animal from South America. They have spiny fur consisting of stiff, bristle-like hairs. This fur protects them from predators.  They spend their days hiding in burrows or among dense vegetation to avoid predators.


The Ulu guru bush shrike is a brightly coloured green and yellow bush shrike, which is only found in a small area of forest in the Ulu guru Mountains, Tanzania. the Ulu guru bush shrike is known for its loud and melodious vocalizations. These calls are used for communication between individuals and may serve to establish territory. They are secretive and elusive birds and are often difficult to spot even within their limited range.


The Uvea Parakeet is notable for its vibrant green plumage and distinctive black facial markings. It has a characteristic red beak and a striking, blue-tipped tail. One of the most distinctive features of the Uvea parakeet is the presence of two black, horn-like feathers that protrude from the top of its head, giving it a unique and striking appearance.


The upland sandpiper is known for its unusual proportions, featuring a rotund body with a long, thin neck and a small head with large eyes. Unlike other sandpipers or plovers, it prefers dry, open, grassy habitats rather than wetlands.


Utah Prairie dogs look like chicken nuggets. They have sharp claws and powerful teeth. They use their voice to communicate. Their alarm calls can convey detailed information about the type of predator approaching, such as a hawk or a coyote. Their burrowing activities aerate the soil, promoting plant growth, and their colonies provide habitat for other wildlife species.


As its name suggests, the unstriped ground squirrel lacks the prominent stripes that characterize many other grounds squirrel species. It has a reddish-brown or greyish coat with a white underbelly and a bushy tail. These squirrels are excellent diggers and create extensive burrow systems. Their burrows provide shelter from predators and extreme temperatures and serve as storage for food. Their burrows can be quite complex, featuring multiple entrances and exits, nesting chambers, and food storage areas.


The Uganda Woodland Warbler is a small, active warbler of lowland and mid-elevation forest understory that is green above and grey below with a noticeable pale eyebrow. The bird’s olive-green and yellowish colouration provides excellent camouflage among the leaves and branches, helping it avoid predators. It has a distinctive, high-pitched song that consists of a series of rapid, melodic notes. Its vocalizations are used for communication, especially during the breeding season.


The upland goose is primarily an herbivore, feeding mostly on seeds, leaves, stems, and other plant matter. They spend a significant amount of time preening to maintain the condition of their feathers. This behaviour helps keep their plumage waterproof and insulating. Despite their large size, upland geese are strong fliers. They have powerful wings that enable them to travel long distances during migration.


Underwing moths are famous for their cryptic colouration. While their forewings are often dull and camouflaged to resemble tree bark, their hindwings are brightly coloured with striking patterns of black, orange, red, or pink. Their colourful rear wing makes predators think that they are poisonous, however, they are not; it is a deceptive feature. If agitated, the underwing moths flash their rear wings to the predator and begin flapping their wings in a motion so fast that it looks like it’s vibrating. Underwing moths have particular sensory organs that allow them to “hear” the sound of bats from a distance.

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