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10 tips to make art and craft fun for your kids

10 tips to make art and craft fun for your kids

As parents, you always want to give your kids those creative wings and the ability to explore their creative flair. Be it through dance, sketch or art and craft, or any other medium, here are 10 tips to make your child interested in easy art and craft, and get them started with their creative journey:

The initial days would be a mess:

As your child starts with DIY crafts with paper, your room is going to be a real mess in the initial days. As your child starts experimenting with crafts with papers, adhesives, markers and colours, he is sure to spoil your rooms and walls with these. Take necessary care for these beforehand by covering them with waste paper and clothes. Once the craft is made, just roll them up and discard the waste.

Choose easy DIY for kids:

As parents, you need to make some choices and decide the best DIY craft ideas for kids. Understand what your child likes and dislikes, what his interests and passions are, whether he likes art and craft drawing, or some easy art and craft with paper, crayons, canvas painting, sketching, glass painting, etc. Accordingly, choose the best creative art and craft for your child.

Choose age-appropriate simple crafts for kids:

It is also advisable to suggest your kids with art and craft suiting their age. Start with the basics of drawing, pencil sketch, crayons and gradually move on to glass painting and easy canvas painting for kids. This way, make the best DIY project for kids.

Provide them with different materials

Kids tend to develop better creative skills when they are supplied with different materials. Be it crayons, colours, paints, brushes, sparkles, etc., spoil them with various materials and encourage them to make some creative crafts.

Encourage home décor

Kids love it when they receive appreciation. Encourage your child to make simple art and crafts and promise them to use it as home décor items. Be it some wall décor or study table designs, use some simple paper crafts for kids and adorn your house with them.

Present different samples

Kids learn when they see things in practical. Get them various examples of cute soft toys or art and craft with paper or glass painting for kids samples, show them samples and ask them to create a replica of these with their own twist.

Your work is not over

Do not think that your work is over after assigning some easy craft for your kids. The before and after work is still your responsibility. It is not fair to burden your kids with all the work. Hence, teamwork is the best when doing art and crafts for kids.

Be an equal participant

If you are an artsy person, be an equal participant and create DIY craft ideas for kids. Reserve some craft materials for you and help your kids with their creative crafts. Sit with them and help them do their work. Not only will this make them confident, but you can also spend some family time with them.

Remember to reuse and recycle

This is the right age to teach your children about the importance of recycling and reusing. Be it paper, wax crayons, broken glasses, ice cream sticks or others, try doing these DIY crafting with the materials you have at home. Teach creative craft for kids with these simple values.

Every child is different

Not every child likes the regular glue and glitter, or the traditional paper art for kids. Understand your child’s interests and give them crafts suiting their interests. Don’t force anything upon them and let them explore their interests freely.

We hope these tips have helped you. Feel free to use these creative tips and give your child the creative flair. Bambinos is an online marketplace catering to your child’s learning at the comfort of your home. Join their art and craft classes online and build your child’s creative talents at an early age. Happy crafting!



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