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20 Funny School Memes Every Student Will Love

20 Funny School Memes Every Student Will Love

Look at our collection of 20 comical school memes that each kid will relate to! From homework to revision to exam dilemma, Bambinos.Live has got the memes that will make your school days cheerful.

With the decreasing attention span of humans and reliability on social media and other mediums, it is really difficult today to capture a student's attention. There are so many things around that it is quite easy to lose focus. As a result, many students need to pay more attention to even basic things. 

So, what do they do? They rely on funny memes. Yes, you read it right. Teachers use funny memes to capture and hold students' attention. Memes are funny, witty, and trending. These three characteristics of memes make it a perfect choice to cater to or appeal to the students. 

The funny school memes can be used in online classes for kids. Believe it or not, many students will find it relatable when they see relatable content; their interest in it peaks. Memes can not only be funny but also describe the daily struggles of students, which they can often find interesting. So, if you want to use these memes and capture the students' attention, this may be the right time. 

Popular and Funny Memes About School Kids Will Love

Who isn't on social media today? Everyone. That's right. Everyone is active on social media, from the young generation to adults, although the medium would vary. However, school kids are likely to be more active, and if you're using this as a medium to connect with the audience, it surely can be helpful. 

Here are some of the funny memes about school that the kids are going to love:

Forgot to Do Homework

Which student has never forgotten to do their homework? Almost everyone. So, create a relatable meme about the situation, and people will love it. 

Back to School 

The feeling of going back to school after a long vacation can be dangerous. Every student relates to this situation. So, create a shocking back-to-school meme campaign that the kids will absolutely love. 

Are You Excited?

Are the kids ever excited about going to school? Not really. So, use funny memes to poke the students and see how they react. 

Emotions Around the Year

Thanks to the funny memes, we can now get to know how each kid feels around the year. After all, they're all happy during the vacation, and once they have to go back, it is all gloomy. 

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Laughing at Misery

School is about to start after a very long break. So, why not leverage that? Let the kids laugh at their misery as they have to return to their same old schedule again. 

It is so Unfair 

Why would I have to go do my homework? Well, that is something every kid asks. So, give them a chance to learn about it via memes. That may be when they will actually understand.

Do Your Homework Now 

Baby Yoda memes are going very viral these days. So, use the meme templates to educate the kids about the importance of homework so that they start doing it immediately. 

Summer Vacation Homework 

Vacation and homework- something doesn't sit right. But it is what it is. So, create a meme surrounding summer vacation and homework so the kids can laugh. 

Homework is Fun

Want to make relatable and funny memes for your kids? Give them something they can actually relate to. Adults often say homework is fun, but the kids don't find it so. So, use a Kevin Hart meme template to make the situation a little funnier. 

Why Aren't My Exams Over Yet?

Every school runs on a different schedule. So, while the exams of some students may be over, others may not. Create a meme template showcasing a sad kid contemplating why the exams of other kids are over and theirs aren't. 

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Revision Time

Revision is one of the most crucial aspects of examination. The funny memes around revision and the lack of time for examination are something every kid would relate to. 

Exam Dilemma

Exams and dilemmas often go hand-in-hand. Give your kids a break from their hectic schedule and let them have some fun with the exam dilemma memes. 

It is Test Day

What a poor time for the exams to arrive, isn't it? No matter how much you prepare, exams are never late. Honestly, no student can ever prepare themselves for such a terrifying situation as the arrival of test day. Let's have some fun with funny memes related to Test Day. 

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On Camera Class Panic

With online classes for kids happening frequently, memes have become very popular. Every kid has an online class meme that they can relate to. 

Laughing Over Spilled Milk

With everything being here and there, it can be really difficult to get a good grasp of things. Exam stress can be real, and the failure to perform well can often get on your nerves. So, laughing over spilled milk is something you can obviously do. 

Childhood is Forever

Has it ever struck you as how you used to play earlier, but now you have to sit in front of your laptop studying? Well, that's exactly how some kids feel while attending online classes. Use this situation to create classic funny memes. 

The First Day of Online Class

After Covid, a lot of schools went online. So, recreate a template with the kids and their friends, recalling their first online class and their evolution to the current day of attending online classes. 

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Algebra will Always be the Same

You know, one thing that changes but also manages to be constant- algebra. Yes, the values might change, but the pain it causes in terms of calculation will almost always be the same. Kids fear algebra, so they use funny memes to establish a relationship between the situations. 

It's Going to be Easy

No matter how much one says, it is never going to be easy. So, using memes to define the relationship can actually be a good idea. After all, great memes can evoke laughter in no time. 

That Happened Again

When the whole class gets an answer between two options, you go on to choose a third option. Isn't that scary? Well, that's something every student must have faced. So, create memes around it and share some laughs. 

Importance of Education with Memes

Some of the notable importance of education with memes for kids are as follows: 

  • Memes for learning can strengthen the bond between teacher and student. 
  • Memes can be one of the best ways to explore social topics. 
  • Memes play an important role in making learning fun. 
  • Memes can be a great way to teach new concepts to the students. 
  • Memes can help make new classroom rules easier for kids to understand. 

You just can't get enough of funny memes. They are a great thing that students of all ages love so much. The key is to create memes that the students find relatable and educational. Using memes the right way in online classes for kids can go a long way for better learning opportunities. 


Q:. Why should I use funny memes for online classes?

Ans:. As a teacher, if you want to educate the kids about something new or form a strong bond with the students, using memes can be of great help.

Q:. Can I use memes to explain different concepts to students?

Ans:. Yes, the teachers may use memes to explain difficult concepts to students in a funny and easy manner. 


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