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What all can be done by your children this lockdown?

What all can be done by your children this lockdown?

The coronavirus pandemic is causing everybody to acknowledge many things and is making the world change the manner in which they take a gander at things. The world has consistently developed; from when there were no expert classes, proficient coaches, online instruction projects or e-learning classes, all of it is currently evolving. Embracing and learning on the web as a full-time adapting course for interest or to make it as a vocation choice is currently a chance.

Below are some of the reasons that can keep your children stress free during corona pandemic:

Enroll your kids in live online classes

Due to this pandemic school classes are being done online because of which most of the children face problems understanding the topics being taught. So by enrolling your students in live classes will help them in understanding the topic and also this will not cause boredom in their lives.

Framing of a time table

Due to the lockdown, the schedule which was before lockdown is now completely disturbed so the best way to get back to track is by making a time table on a daily basis so that the things which are to be done that day are being done smoothly. Children can be given assignments, tests etc. so that they do not become lazy and their minds work.


In this lockdown encourage your students to read storybooks of different genres, so that the students start to get an interest in it. Also not only reading encourages your children to narrate the story in front of you. There are many websites which keep online story narration courses so that children can understand how story narration is done.

Build Interest

Invigorate your children to choose those subjects or those things which they think they have an interest in. try to make your children give classes or enroll them in the particular thing they have interest in.

Reading newspapers

Make it a habit of children to read the newspaper on a daily basis so that this helps in building up their general knowledge and also they know everything that is the current status of the world.

Creative Writing

make children a habit to practice calligraphy for once or twice a week so that it helps in building up good handwriting and also helps in the speed of the writing.

Make drawings

Enroll your kids in art and craft classes so that this leads to a good artist and also helps in making up of creative ideas going in the minds of the children 

Enroll in language courses

Enroll in different foreign language courses so that it leads to the learning of a second language and also it will help your children further in their future.

Give maths sums on a daily basis

Enroll your kid in maths courses especially 5-10 years of age so that it helps them in doing of the maths sums quickly and also they make interest in maths as many of the students don’t like maths so this can help them in building interest and also will increase there speed to solve sums.


Not only the toddlers or the children but also everyone in the family should plant at least one plant once a week so that it helps nature to heal itself and it is a fun activity to do.

These are some of the ideas which will help a student to keep busy during this lockdown otherwise doing nothing will lead to laziness, stress and no usage of mind.


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