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7 Colors of the Rainbow and Their Meanings

7 Colors of the Rainbow and Their Meanings

"Mama, look look. there is a beautiful rainbow in the sky."

Every child is excited as soon as he she finds a rainbow in the sky and why not, after all rainbows are the most beautiful creation of nature.

Rainbows are attractive and beautiful and every other human being is elated after having a glimpse of this beauty. Rainbow instantly brings a smile on the face and makes you feel jovial and fascinated.

What is a Rainbow?

A rainbow is an arc made of multicolours which appears in the sky after rain. There are seven beautiful colors in a rainbow. These colors have different meanings and importance. It is an attractive and spell bounding view. We can see the rainbow around fog or waterfall too.

7 Rainbow Color name order in English are

There are seven colors in rainbow and it is difficult to remember the proper sequence. So, there is a short form to remember the serial easily and that is VIBGYOR. Some people also remember it in opposite sequence like - ROYGBIV.

The seven colours of Rainbow are-







1. Red

The first color of Rainbow is Red which symbolizes love, passion, warmth, life and vitality. 

2. Orange

The second color of Rainbow is Orange which is a vibrant and energetic color symbolizing joy, creativity, warmth and the Sun.

3. Yellow

The third color of Rainbow is Yellow which is a bright and cheerful color symbolizing happiness, positivity, knowledge and wisdom.

4. Green

The fourth color of Rainbow is Green which is associated with nature and symbolizes growth, harmony and renewal.

5. Blue

The fifth color of Rainbow is Blue which symbolizes the sky and the sea which is known for having a calm and soothing color. It also brings the feeling of trust, stability and loyalty with itself.

6. Indigo

The sixth color of Rainbow is Indigo which is deep and rich in color and represents intuition and spirituality. it symbolizes depth and mystery.

7. Violet

The seventh color of Rainbow is Violet which displays imagination and creativity and symbolizing royalty and spirituality with its color.

Do Rainbows Have an End?

Rainbows actually have no end. We might have seen half semi-circles or an arch, but they are actually full circles. A rainbow can be properly seen from a plane high above the ground. 

Rainbow is a creative way to teach a child about different colors and their impact on our lives. The different colors of rainbow can also be taught as how they can they be mixed and can create a new shade all together.

The rainbow brings a beautiful, mysterious, and mesmerizing feeling. Nothing in nature is so fascinating bringing excitement and magical zeal to our lives. And after being aware about the significance of each color, it brings much more joy and exhilaration. 

Next time when you see a rainbow in the sky, behold its beauty and feel it craving an impact on your soul.

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Discover a wonder-filled world of children's activities near you! Check our online classes.
Discover a wonder-filled world of children's activities near you! Check our online classes.