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Best Mindfulness Activities for Kids

Best Mindfulness Activities for Kids

In today's time every child spends too much screen time, they always need attention and its a constant need for them to be kept entertained all the time which becomes a struggle and pressure for the parents. Children need to know how to be on their own, to be more observant rather than being distracted all the time. Being still and keeping mind at rest is a necessary skill to be learned and practiced. Feeling involved in the process is needed to be fully present. This helps with becoming more intuitive, listening to your body. The signs, signals and cues it is trying to give you. It helps with mood swings and crankiness.

5-Minute Mindfulness Activities

1. Learning a prayer/shlokla/mantra:

When they deeply understand the meaning of the words and start to feel and resonate with it, they love offering prayers to God, no wonder kids are the purest of God's creation. Mindful meditating on a mantra helps to inculcate valuable life skills like patience, perseverance, attentive. 

2. Mindful Drawing:

No guided instructions given just let the kids be free to put out their thoughts and feelings onto the paper, it can be in form of doodling, abstract drawing, simply let emotions and feelings be the pencil this helps them in developing their emotional quotient and emotional intelligence. 

3. Mystery Box:

The feeling of unknown and discovery makes a child more centered as they start to use their brain actively they become more imaginative and creative, the result is a surprise even for them. It teaches them focus, how to make different combinations, decision making skills. It is fun for them to use the props in unique ways.

4. Nature Scrapbooks:

Let the children explore nature and its element. Take them on picnics, outings, outdoor activities, grounding and walking bare foot on grass, showing them various kinds of flowers and trees and collecting them as a memory. It’s also important they learn how to plant trees, you can keep indoor plants as well and ask them to water them daily. It gives you added oxygen and sunlight plus screen free time for kids.

5. Charitable Initiatives:

When children are involved in basic giving and charity work they realize the need and importance of things and this helps them to become more mindful of what they need and how much they need. It makes them selfless and they come closer to the feeling of being content and fulfilled. We can teach them to be thankful and be more grateful for all that they receive.

Mindfulness Classes and Courses

We always don’t have to run behind knowledge, we can’t make the children catch it but we can surely make them grasp it in a fun play-way method by incorporating Mindful and meaningful classes. The online Bhagwad Gita course termed as the “THE LITTLE YOGI” course is one such way. Once the child picks up interest they want to know more and know what is next. The tender years of their life should be nurturing whether it is food, environment or the kind of content and knowledge they are consuming because it stays with them for life. Most of the children have a very sharp picture memory and they always remember what they see and hear.

Our mindful Gita classes help them with these skills as the course is designed in a way which is visually appealing and kids can’t resist but to participate.

Children are the outcome what they see and learn, their surroundings, people in there vicinity. These mindful activities and classes leave a positive impact on their growth and they become more empathetic while learning these value based lessons. It is also a platform for them to share and express their feelings. This helps them with finding their identity, building their personality and voicing their opinions. When different things are presented to them in such a manner, it becomes a smooth transition for them to differentiate between right and wrong.

The world can be a much better place to live in when we raise a mindful generation of kids who are aware from within and about outside.

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Mahima embraces and promotes a way of living where spirituality keeps us grounded. Mahima find immense satisfaction in connecting with children and positively impacting their lives. With a background in psychology and literature, Mahima is passionate about empowering them to find their voice, establish their identity, and develop their ability to express themselves, emerging as strong individuals. Since beginning her teaching journey in 2020, She has been involved with convent schools, private institutions, and online edtech platforms. She has completed her B.Ed, passed the CTET, and participated in continuous workshops and necessary training sessions.

Discover a wonder-filled world of children's activities near you! Check our online classes.
Discover a wonder-filled world of children's activities near you! Check our online classes.