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What is Logical Thinking, and How Can You Improve It?

What is Logical Thinking, and How Can You Improve It?

Discover what logical thinking is for kids and learn practical ways to improve it. Visit our blog at Bambinos.Live for tips to enhance your child's reasoning and problem-solving skills.


Learning and developing is a never-ending process. One crucial quality that kids develop with time is logical thinking. Logical thinking or critical thinking refers to the process of using facts and evidence to reach a logical conclusion. Around 90% of a child's brain is developed by age 5. 

Logical reasoning refers to the process of using evidence and facts so that the conclusion they come up with is valid. The conclusion that is formed completely depends on the information provided to them. The kids may often refer to arguments given by the others to form logical reasoning questions. After that, they can create better answers to it. With the help of logical reasoning and critical thinking skills, the kids can learn to evaluate the most complex situations. As a result, they can also find the right way to come up with a solution. 

Logical and critical thinking go hand in hand. It is not easy to foster critical thinking and problem solving abilities in children from a young age. Therefore, it is essential to help them improve as they grow. 

Why Is It Important to Develop Critical Thinking Skills in Kids?

Developing critical thinking skills in kids from a young age will help open the path to success. It will help the students get a better understanding of the complex problems. They can easily understand what the problem is and what the solution is. With proper critical thinking exercises, the students will be exposed to various problems. They will come across facts that will help them make better decisions rather than emotions and intuitions. 

With the help of logical reasoning questions, the kids can think critically about any given situation. They will come up with rational, well-reasoned solutions and not be driven by emotions. Moreover, improving their logical reasoning skills can also help the kids identify a strong line of patterns they can use to solve everyday problems. 

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Importance of Critical Thinking and Problem Solving in Kids

The kids are taught to foster proper thinking skills from a very young age. Logical thinking is for adults, so why do kids need it? There are various reasons why critical thinking skills are equally important for kids. These include: 

Helps in Problem-Solving

Without logical reasoning, it will be tough for the kids to conclude from the evidence only. Kids who develop critical thinking and problem solving skills early on tend to overcome future challenges. Moreover, they also come up with proper and logical solutions. Whether personal or academic difficulties, if the kid knows how to solve the problem, they will be out of it in no time. 

Builds the Base for Future Learning

If the kids do not understand the logic behind one topic, they cannot conclude it. For example, kids can't solve math problems by memorizing the digits or patterns. They must clearly understand functions and equations to deduce a proper solution. 

Logical Reasoning Questions for Kids

Before teaching logical reasoning to kids, it is important to note that certain questions may be helpful. The right logical reasoning questions can play an important role in fostering the right knowledge in the kids. These will help them learn and grow without worrying too much about the consequences. 

Here are a few logical reasoning questions that may be helpful for the kids:

  • Which side of the turkey has the most feathers?
  • Can you calculate the square root of any given number?
  • Who goes to bed with their shoes on?
  • What is seen in the middle of March and April?
  • Can you know if a given year is a leap year?

As the kid grows, consider increasing the difficulty level of each question. This can play an essential role in helping the kids overcome their challenges and eventually prepare for the future accordingly. Now, let's learn how to improve kids' logical reasoning and critical thinking. 

How to Improve Logical Reasoning in Kids?

As your kids develop, it is essential to integrate the right logical reasoning skills into them. Teaching them the questions and answers can go a long way in ensuring they learn properly. Here are some of the prominent ideas and practices that can help kids of all ages to improve their logical reasoning:

Start With Puzzles

One of the easiest ways to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills in kids is to try logical reasoning. Books surrounding these puzzles are available. Not only are these interesting, but they are also very educational. These logical reasoning books contain games and questions to exercise your kids' brains. 

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Leverage Your Kids' Interests

There must be something that your kid may be interested in. So, you should leverage that. Rather than forcing the kids to do something they aren't interested in, teaching them something they love is essential. If they love puzzles, give them that. If they love video games, let them play online games and learn. If they love stories, provide them with storytelling exercises. Whatever it is, they will learn and develop their skills in the long run. 

Encourage Them to Solve Problems

Let your kids learn how to solve problems to establish critical thinking and problem solving skills. Give them space so that they can connect the dots. You need to provide them with questions, let them solve the problem, and come to a conclusion. Allowing the kids to indulge in problem-solving can be the most basic thing, but it will help them gradually find the correct answers.

Help Them with Resources

You might want to help the kids by letting them figure everything out independently. However, this might not always be a good solution. In fact, some kids may need help along the way because of their lack of experience or knowledge. As and when required, you may prefer offering additional help through the Internet, books, or any other source that can help them understand the path to solving the problem. This can ease their learning process. 

Treat Each Failure as a Learning

If your kid fails, don't let them feel like they have been unable. Instead, help them learn from their failures. If your kid feels bummed about failing, this will take over them for long. Moreover, they won't be able to move in the right direction. Although a minor failure, some kids would take it harder than you imagine. So, if your kids have something to say, listen to them.


Logical and critical thinking skills are the most basic ones for kids to have. It is important to adopt these the right way. Channeling energy in a positive direction from a young age can play an important role in the long run, especially concerning the kids' development. So, it is advisable that you look into the basics and help your child move in a positive direction. 

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Q:. How can we improve logical thinking in kids?

Ans. We can improve kids' logical thinking by encouraging them to participate actively in various creative activities, socialize with other kids, and help them learn new skills. 

Q:. Why are critical thinking and problem-solving exercises important for kids?

Ans:. Critical thinking and problem solving exercises can play an important role in helping children develop the ability to solve problems from a young age. This can help enhance their logical thinking capabilities. 

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