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Virtual Fitness for Kids - The Road to a Healthy Lifestyle

Virtual Fitness for Kids - The Road to a Healthy Lifestyle

Children are impressionable beings. They are susceptible to picking up habits that are most often exhibited around them. It is vital on our part, as their primary caregivers to nurture them and lead them in a direction that will stimulate their holistic development. With the on-going pandemic, children are confined within four walls and are deprived of opportunities to utilize their boundless energy. This is the appropriate time for us to provide them with the right platform, for them to channelize their energy and zeal to embark on a journey towards a healthy life. 

Physical fitness has an array of benefits; both adults and children are accorded with mental and physical wellbeing by indulging in a consistent fitness routine. Virtual fitness programs are the new safe haven from which we can inculcate healthy habits into our expeditious lifestyle. Virtual fitness programs create a space for children to engage in activities that will elevate their mood and balance their energy levels by activating their liveliness and spirit. They will develop a sense of equilibrium with a healthy mind and body, which will further push them towards a zealous lifestyle. Virtual fitness programs have gained an immense amount of traction in the past year as it enables children to experience the vigour of their playtime in the outside world right at the comfort of their home through fun and engaging initiatives. 

Children can inculcate virtual fitness routines in their daily schedule effectively through the following programs offered at Bambinos:


Klienetics is a highly reputed fitness organization in India. They aim to monitor and enhance fitness practices that are designed specifically for Indian children. They have collaborated with us to bring about a shift in the way children perceive and engage in physical fitness activities. They have formulated fitness programs to enrich children with a dynamic experience, with fun and engaging fitness routines. The programs they offer are: Fun Fitness Program and Virtual Group Fitness. Both these programs accommodate children of all ages, with programs comprising different levels for each age group, respectively. These programs create a space for children to explore the world of fitness and develop a keen interest in growing towards a healthy life. 


Grasport is another well-established fitness organization that is driven to nurture and foster the sportsman spirit in young children. They have created a platform for children to engage in a sporty fitness regime with a well organized concise time table which comprises various exercises scheduled for each day. Their program Physical Fitness aims to guide children in the path to achieve great success and triumph in their journey of becoming great sportspeople. 


Zumba has been one of the most top-rated dance fitness programs in the market of physical fitness since the past five years. Zumba creates a platform for a soulful experience where kids indulge in rhythmic dance routines blended with fitness exercises. Our program Zumba Kids presented by Spandan Dance and Events has been catering to encourage children through fun and engaging Zumba sessions to push them towards a healthier lifestyle. 


Yoga is a fitness routine with spiritual significance as it nurtures both the body and mind. We so often associate yoga as an activity for adults, which is very far from what its true purpose is. Yoga is a valuable practice to imbibe in children in their formative years, as it aids in honing their mental and spiritual development. When we think about physical fitness, we focus only on the physical form of our body, but the physical form can only come to life if the mental state is nurtured and cared for as well. Yoga plays a vital role in bringing balance to our being and nurturing our soul from within. We present you with Gentle Yoga Flow, Hatha Yoga with Kutuki and Mindful Body Fitness, three successful Yoga programs on our platform to enrich and nurture your child through their profound journey of attaining a healthy way of life. 

The virtual fitness market offers a plethora of programs, and our organization is a one-stop destination for you to sign up your child, to motivate them to embark on a journey towards a healthier and safer lifestyle.

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