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5 Best Extra Curricular Activities for Kids – Bambinos

5 Best Extra Curricular Activities for Kids – Bambinos

'All work and no play made Jack a dull boy'

We know this proverb since our childhood but how many of us understand its relevance?

Extracurricular activities play a vital role in the development of a child. The new Indian education policy - 2020 has also unveiled the relevance of sports and other extracurricular activities for kids to ensure the overall development of a child. Teachers today are looking for fun and innovative ways of teaching by adding various activities to make the studies – fun.

However, these activities cannot replace the relevance of extra-curricular activities which are crucial for the mental and physical well-being of a child.

So, here are some of the highly recommended extra-curricular activities which your child can enroll for:

Sketching and Painting

The use of one's imagination is indispensable when it comes to painting and sketching. It is a healthy way of enhancing creativity skills for right-brained people. If you are left-brained, it is a good way to stimulate your artistic skills. Painting is known to boost memory retention as well. As art essentially involve emotional expressions, it helps the children to surpass their weakness and break their limitations.

Sketching develops the skill of critical thinking by helping them think out of the box. The visual treat of colors via painting helps in bursting the stress.


Sports improve the physical fitness of your child and keep them physically fit. Indoor sports like Chess contribute to the mental agility of your child.

Sports also develop moral principles and the character of kids with fair play. Children also learn the importance of teamwork with sports like cricket, basketball, football, etc. It also develops a competitive spirit among children.

As children practice sports daily, it develops persistence and motivation. Sports are crucial in teaching the importance of patience. Sports also deliver a positive emotional experience with word of appreciation from coaches, making it a great activity class for toddlers.

For clinical mental disorders like depression, sports proved to be a protective factor.


With the focus of making the children fluent in basic calculations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, Abacus reduces the dependence on short-term memory. In Abacus, children start performing complex calculations on a tool with beads in a fraction of time. The abacus leads to the training of the right side of the brain which is responsible for intuition, imagination, rhythm, and visualization.

With simple methods, Abacus improves the accuracy in maths and enables to answer the correct answer even faster than a calculator. It is a very popular extra-curricular activity classes for kids nowadays.


Music is largely helpful in developing socio-emotional behavior, language, and motor development. The children who learn music at an early age learn sounds as well as the meaning of words earlier than others. Music brings joy and uplifts the mood. It also encourages the kids to express their emotions and improves their imaginations. Researches also show that music improves children's ability to learn with cognitive development.

Learning music also promotes craftsmanship. Early training in music develops the area of the brain related to reasoning and language.

Language Courses

Studies show that bilingual and multi-lingual people have enhanced concentrations, improved memory, better listening skills, and the ability to multi-task. Knowing different languages also induces cultural appreciation. Language is an incredible gift that leads your child to connect with a wider range of people by opening their world figuratively. It also imparts a competitive advantage over monolinguals.

When it comes to learning a new language, it is a highly sought activity class for kids.


Dance leads to the overall development of the child attributing to physical, mental, cognitive, social, and emotional progress. It is a great form of exercise to increase the children's flexibility, stamina, and physical strength. The joy of dancing also benefits their mental and physical health. Children also develop a sense of cooperation and trust with other dancers to work as a team. It also induces creativity and improves the imagination of a child. It also teaches time-management and self-discipline to kids.

Dance improved the overall balance of the body and includes muscular strength. It improves spatial awareness and leads to better coordination. It is the best extracurricular activity for kids as they have wide options of dance forms to choose from.


Children’s extracurricular activities play a crucial role in their overall development. It is equally important to unveil their interest to encourage them for the specific activity. Activity classes like Bambinos offer a wide range of courses for your kids that helps them to outgrow as a smart child in this competitive world.

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