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4 Tips And Tricks To Develop Reading Skills In Children

4 Tips And Tricks To Develop Reading Skills In Children

When kids start with their playschools, in their foundation years, the first thing they are taught is letters and how to read them. It is the foundation which makes their base strong and solid and helps them in self-development. Therefore it becomes extremely important that kids are taught to read in the best possible way. As parents or guardians, they must teach their kids in the right way so that they maintain their interest in the same. This foundation helps them to learn English speaking in a better way. There are certain tricks and tips on how to teach your child to read, let us read them to understand this whole process better-


Letter Recognition

There are two factors behind letter recognition, one is to know the letter visually while the other is to understand the sound of the letters. A simple trick here can boost your child’s self confidence. There is no need to teach the letters in a specific order, instead, you should teach the ones that look similar so that if your kids understand how to write one of them, then the rest will be learnt automatically by them also this would help them to develop more interest. Just don’t be limited with the traditional pencil or chalk method, use clays, colours, music, videos, etc. There are various online learning platforms on the web, which provides online classes for kids and as well as parents for phonics.


Take a step up with blending

Now that the child is very well versed with letters, it’s now time to merge them and blend them to make words. Never should one ever make children read big words in the beginning. Start with two-letter words, then move to three, four eventually bigger words. Help the child to understand the sound of the letter, stretch the sound, and join the sound of one letter with that of the other. The live online classes will give you a whole list of words grouped into two, three and more classes for better understanding of children.

Your child is already going through a whole new world of letters, don’t make it more difficult with teaching them confusing words. Teach the words where sounds of the letter remain the same so that the kids get familiar with the basic understanding first.


The concept of sight words

Sight words are those which are used very frequently in the English language, these words come up in almost every sentence. Just teach the child to learn these words, they can be really confused if you’ll try to teach them by the sound of the letters. For instance, the word ‘the’ is a sight word. These sight words are present almost everywhere and when kids come across words which look familiar to them then that boosts up their interest and confidence in phonics. You can make your kids join virtual summer camps too where they are taught, made to play games and listen to online storytelling for kids.


Similar words different meaning

It becomes much easier for kids to grasp similar words, for example, words like man, can, tan or den, men, ten, pen. Teaching these words also require less time, if a kid can learn even one of them and they can learn all of them from the same family. When at initial stages, one must begin with teaching two-letter words like is it, in, etc.

If you’ve read so far then you must have understood and liked the tips and tricks, make sure you use them while teaching your kids how to read for maximum results. You can also visit Bambinos and try their phonics learning classes for your children. These live online classes for phonics are taught be expert online tutors making sure that your children are in safe hands.

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Discover a wonder-filled world of children's activities near you! Check our online classes.