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How can you teach your kids to be fluent in Spoken English?

How can you teach your kids to be fluent in Spoken English?

There is no denying that we all want our kids to learn and improve English speaking. While most kids speak in their native language at home, learning English might get neglected. As parents, you want to teach your child but are sometimes not sure as what is the best way to learn English speaking. Kids can pick up and take any shape we mould them in. So, here are some easy tips to get started with learning and improving your child’s spoken English.

Build a reading habit

The most important habit to learn English speaking is to start reading it first. This can be a simple exercise for kids to start with, by picking up a few books and read regularly. As parents, you should understand your child’s interests and pick up stories like those. It can be fascinating stories of superheroes or other adventure chronicles. Building a regular reading habit will not only improve speaking English for kids but also increase their knowledge.

Playing games

Children tend to learn things easily when it is not taught with the intention of learning. Parents need to understand this and take full advantage of this behaviour. Teach them in a fun manner with games like Pictionary, word and vocabulary games, scrabble, etc. Moreover, these games will keep your child engaged and improve his thinking skills.

Use everyday situations

Using regular and everyday situations help in practising speaking English in practical ways. The advantage is that these real-life examples help natural practice and better retention for kids. For example, talk about clothes and getting dresses, explain the different types of dresses and adjectives associated with it. Take him out for grocery shopping, show him various vegetables, fruits and other associated things. These are practical examples of teaching which your child is surely going to enjoy.

Using illustrations

Kids love to see pictures and attractive illustrations. It is always advisable to use these to make your child learn new things. You can show various infographics and ask them to guess various words as you point to these pictures. Ask various questions and also encourage them to ask questions. This would help in improving your child’s spoken English and spoken English grammar very effectively.

Online course

When both the parents are working, it becomes difficult for them to teach their kids. It is then advisable to enrol your child in an English-speaking course online because a practical course in spoken English helps in multiple ways. You can track your child’s performance at home and look at ways to improve. Moreover, your kids will interact with his peers in these spoken English classes and practise speaking with them in English.

Establishing a routine

All these activities would be a waste if you don’t stick to a routine and be consistent with your teaching. To improve speaking English for kids, it is important to establish a routine. Start with short 15-minute sessions but practice daily and increase the frequency gradually. Children will become extremely comfortable with the language and be able to speak fluently or at least, make an attempt to speak in English without any fear.

Whatever your approach, make sure that you stick to a routine, but don’t burden them with learning. The best learning happens when children are free and relaxed. So, make spoken English practise a fun task for your kids. If you wish to enrol your child in a spoken English course online, Bambinos is the right place for you. Bambinos provides online classes on spoken English so that you can monitor your child at the comfort of your home. Visit Bambinos and get started with your child’s learning.



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