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Take Your Public Speaking Skills to the Next Level with Online Classes

Take Your Public Speaking Skills to the Next Level with Online Classes

Public speaking skills involve a lot of parameters. It is a very much required life skill for any age group as it helps a person to be confident and believe in themself by always striving for the beyond the best. They say the basic of Public speaking is to let the person or child speak, open up, and start thinking. Online classes are a great platform for individuals to explore their potential, understand the nuances, do the SWOT analysis, get expert feedback right from home, and help anyone unleash the maximum opportunities in this modern era.

As we discuss the basics, there is a lot of depth that online classes touch as they are customized and help you go the extra mile and level up by making you pull up your socks to spice up your communication. To understand this better, this blog will dig in and explain to you what is public speaking, its purpose, its principles, and everything related to it.

Table of contents:

  • Let’s understand the 8 P’s of Public speaking
  • Let’s understand the 7 Principles of public speaking touched on in online classes
  • Let’s understand the 4 purposes of speaking in public
  • Let’s understand the importance of learning Public speaking with Online classes with the 4T’s

Let’s understand the 8 P’s of Public speaking:

Public speaking has many P’s involved in it, working on all of them to improve and creating our own style is most important.

1. Pronunciation: How we pronounce the syllables and sounds makes us clear. If we are fluent in our pronunciation it makes others understand our message more easily. Pronunciation includes clear enunciation of words, connected speech, clarity in delivery, and rhythm.

2. Pace: The pace means the speed at which we communicate, the pace is the main criterion that our audience keeps following up with us. If we go too fast it becomes difficult to catch and too slow makes it boring and can easily get diverted. The right pace is important, and this what we make them practice in online classes.

3. Pause: When we pause at the right place, it is like giving our audience to process and think about what we say. Taking pauses helps us be steady and in our control giving us time to think and connect with the audience’s reaction. It helps the listeners also to absorb the speech.

4. PUNCH: Opening our presentation with a PUNCH, helps us grab the audience’s attention and spark their interest. Personal, Unexpected, Novel, Challenging, Humuours is fullform of the acronym PUNCH. Where we dig into exciting aspects of openers.

5. Power: The power in the voice of a speaker helps to voice out opinions, views, and beliefs and bring about change. Power helps to create movements and even spark interest in the concern.

6. Passion: Introduces them to be passionate about the subject and speak with the right and required effect.

7. Posture: Body posture radiates vibrations and creates a first impression in a person, and how to improve and have good posture they learn through public speaking.

8. Presentation: Learning to present our thoughts, ideas, our language at the right time, place and way is what helps them unlock their potential.

We introduce children to all the above to make them young charming communicators.

Let’s understand the 7 Principles of public speaking touched in online classes:

1. Perception: Online classes help understand how to perceive audience information. Connecting with various people around the world helps them to be aware of their cultural backgrounds, interests, and knowledge levels. A successful and confident speaker customizes and connects as per the situation and resonates with the audience.

2. Perfection: We say aim for perfection and we will land at excellence like aiming for skying and landing at stars. This means we teach children to invest time in refining their content, practice the different parts of speech, and continuously challenge them for improvement with channelized feedback.

3. Visualization: This is a secret tool in many personality development and motivational courses which is even the basic quality for effective communication. We help them learn imagery, and descriptive and persuasive language to make a better expresser in speech attracting the audience to create mental pictures. This creates punch and leaves a mark on the message making it impressive and heart-touching by learning the art of storytelling.

4. Discipline: We instill the quality of discipline in various aspects to make them eloquent speakers. This includes time-based activities teaching them time management, structures to help them be relevant and ethical, and tips to remain composed when things go as well as when they go haywire. Most of all how to be a reliable source and credible speaker.

5. Description: Details, small gestures, and noticing simple things around with vivid descriptions help the audience connect and engage with a speaker. This helps them in academics, personal, and professional life to express their viewpoint with confidence.

6. Inspiration: A leader inspires, a leader is a great communicator, storyteller, to instill leadership qualities we need to make them understand public speaking beneath the definition that means to go beyond information and evoke emotions and feelings to make a change in someone’s mindset and to motivate their audience and fellow peers. We create an atmosphere where they pull each other and connect to inspire.

7. Anticipation: Being able to judge, anticipate or have an idea about the audience’s reaction, questions, and concerns is the most important skills. We nurture and educate the speaker to be proactive and address the potential doubts and issues as that helps in a smoother flow of speech and builds trust and credibility.

Let’s understand the 4 purposes of speaking in public:

We need to understand the purpose of public speaking to understand if online classes are helpful and what benefits they have.

1. Inform: There is a whole world of knowledge around us, public speaking helps us be a mediator to transform the information in an easily understandable manner to the audience. It could be a complex topic, gems of ancestral knowledge, unravel the mysteries, scientific advancements, and realities happening around the world and how we need to keep up and tackle it. We need public speaking to connect minds to vast amounts of information and make a difference in many lives.

2. Instruct: We follow a lot of recipes, and tips, and upskill ourselves through videos and instructions given by mentors and experts. When we explore a subject we become a guide to others aspiring to be so, public speaking helps instruct and compass them as a guide helping them step by step, process, and intricacies of a subject. It is not just instructing them with information but helping them be their own guide and use their resources to create their own story .

3. Entertain: Imagine a world without entertainment, I think it would just be a single line then. We all look forward to entertainment in different forms and it is an art to be an entertainer and any form of book, audio, video, speech, or song we need public speaking abilities to elaborate, have good comic timing, and presence of mind to make it a new experience for them every time. Through humor, impressive anecdotes, narrative jaw-dropping storytelling the strong of words help stitch smiles to the audience Personalised classes help instill these qualities.

4. Persuade: Painting thoughts and evoking feelings and inviting people to see the world through your eyes, need persuasion skills. Public speakers or as an individual all of us need this skill to live in harmony in this world. Changing the perspective and coming out of their box of thinking we have to create a symphony of words to win hearts and even mind with emotions as well as feelings. We help them understand this in detail and experiment with it with their unique style and be their creator.

Let’s understand the importance of learning Public speaking with Online classes with the 4T’s:

1. Time management: In the hustle and bustle of life and hectic schedules of children and parents, online public speaking classes help get top-notch quality education and activities right at home, saving time, unseen money, and a lot of energy enabling children to be more engaging and see the world right from the comfort of home.

2. Technical skills: In a world where technology is king, and content maker and speaker is the king marker, introducing kids to this world helps them become tech-savvy speakers and pros in handling digital tools helping them add tool sets to their skill set. This acts as a life skill to help them be an all-rounder. Top quality accessible right at our comfort.

3. Tailor-made: Breaking geographical barriers and a classroom that walks with you to use your time in the best way possible exactly suited to your child’s developmental requirements. what more could we ask for? Here at we customize and tailor make the curriculum as suited for the child to speak fluently, expressively and confidently. Addressing every skill from reading, grammar, spelling, sentence formations, comprehension, speeches, storytelling, debating, etc. We believe one size doesn’t fit all, and every one is unique.

4. Talent: Unleashing the abilities and talents of a child by helping them love themselves with interactive, engaging and most fun oriented classes to help over all development.

We at bambinos help you take your child’s public speaking qualities to the next level through our online classes. We have many more surprises, come and book a free demo to unleash this magical journey.

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Discover a wonder-filled world of children's activities near you! Check our online classes.
Discover a wonder-filled world of children's activities near you! Check our online classes.