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Why Learning Phonics Just from School is not Enough

Why Learning Phonics Just from School is not Enough

Phonics is the fundamental aspect of early childhood education. It helps shaping child’s reading and language skills. Across the world, phonics has gained recognition as being the effective method of learning how to read and write. In this blog, let’s explore why phonics from school is not enough. Before we understand this, we must understand what is phonics in detail.

Phonics is the method of teaching which includes learning of alphabets along with the sound. It helps kid build a relation between the sounds of letter, reading and writing by decoding the words into sounds. Phonics is the ideal method that can let children read independently at a very young age.

Phonics in school

Phonics has made important inroads into the education system as we recognize its potential to build strong reading skills in kids. Teaching phonics usually begins in preschool and lower classes where kids are taught the alphabets along with their sounds.

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Is the knowledge of phonics in school is simply enough?

The answer is, well, no. The reason behind this is the expanded knowledge of phonics that kids must get. Phonics is not just about the 26 letter sounds, it’s much more than this. Phonics includes 44 different sounds, including the 26 basic letters and other digraphs. Phonics also includes different trigraph sounds. 

There are letters that remain silent in the word and that too is included in the advance of phonics. Last but not the least is the correct pronunciation of the letter sound, which is personally one of the greatest concerns I as a teacher observe in kids. If kids learn correct pronunciation of the sounds, they read correct as well as the are speaking English in the correct accent. All of this is mostly not followed in school for teaching phonics, the reason simply being that there are other topics and planned curriculum that needs to be followed according to the age of kids. 

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In today’s digitally advanced and revolutionized education system, parents are turning to phonics learning platforms. Online phonics classes have become very popular amongst kids who can acquire complete phonetic knowledge and able to read independently. 

Here are some benefits of learning phonics apart from what they do in schools
Flexibility to learn anytime

Online phonics classes can be flexible learning anytime, anywhere. This is a boon to the busy parents and kids busy with their regular school and other activities. 

Impactful curriculum

In all learning platforms, subject matter experts design the curriculum keeping in mind the learning needs of the child.  Any phonics class that a child takes outside of school includes interactive games, videos, and other activities keeping kids engaged and making learning lot more fun and exciting. 

Ease of tracking performance

parents can keep the track of the growth and progress in their kid. This helps parent observe the learning themselves,  and help a child enhance learning of phonics. Finding the right phonics classes for your kids is very important and the parent must check on the above requirements. 

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Closing thoughts:

Phonics is a crucial element in the education system that will nurture the minds of young kids that will foster the love for reading and language. When kids learn how to read, it helps them become an independent reader and a confident communicator. Good reading brings great knowledge, enrich vocabulary and enhances creativity skills. Phonics has helped many kids discovering their love for reading. Phonics will be a huge support for kids in their academics too.  

Bambinos is one of the finest online platforms that is providing the complete detailed knowledge on phonics according to the age and requirement of the child. Our great reviews and rating from the parent are a clear proof of how satisfied the parents are with the best of educators and planned curriculum by experts. 

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Schools are definitely the soul of education that impart knowledge and discipline to the kids, the additional confidence that comes to the child through such interactive online sessions is a cherry on the cake. Let’s join together and make our kids a reader of today and a leader of tomorrow, let them outshine to the most of their capabilities. 

What does school cover in phonics?

Basically, the 26 letter sounds are done in the pre-primary classes, which is not enough for a kid to be an independent reader. Detailed curriculum is required to be done with kids to develop the entire reading and spelling skills.

Is pronunciation an important aspect of phonics?

According to me, it’s the most important part- passing on the correct pronunciation at the young age registers it in the young mind for long times. Thus, correct and clear pronunciation of letters and their sounds play a major role in how the child is going to read and speak in English language. 

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Discover a wonder-filled world of children's activities near you! Check our online classes.